Entao Sessions from Skunk Technologies, Inc. (Complete Java Environment for Browsers)
Platforms: Entao Sessions is 100% Java, runs cross-platform, and operates within all major Web browsers.
Price: $3,000 per server
URL: http://www.skunktech.com
Sessions is a diverse communication and collaboration tool that enhances Web interfaces with an array of customizable digital environments and avatars, streaming media, sound, and much more. It is a virtual environment that provides a basis for electronic commerce, customer support, meetings and collaboration, and other important networked interactions.

Sessions is extremely user friendly and easy to administer. All computation intensive software resides on the server while information is streamed real-time to users via the Sessions applet, allowing users to simply log on and begin interacting in Sessions immediately and seamlessly within their browsers. Sessions' communication log, email authentication and dynamic updating features also provide powerful marketing and advertising benefits, human resources benefits and online meeting benefits. The distance learning capabilities of Sessions are currently being demonstrated by Sun Microsystems and Network Computers, Inc.

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