jtest! 2.0 from ParaSoft Corporation (automatic white-box testing tool for java)
Platforms: Solaris, Windows 95/NT
Price: contact vendor for pricing
URL: http://www.parasoft.com/jtest
jtest! brings Test Generation technology to life for the benefit of Java developers. With jtest! 2.0, Java developers can automatically test programs at the class, or module, level. This ability gives Java developers the power to automatically find the hidden bugs in their code which cause uncaught runtime exceptions to occur. Prior to jtest! v2.0, no tools were available to perform this kind of testing automatically. As a result, bugs often remained hidden to developers because they were unable to expose them during testing. jtest! solves this problem by digging deep into a class and making sure each method in it has been properly constructed.

Because it tests exhaustively at the module level, jtest! 2.0 can mean more effective code is produced by all manner of Java developers, including:

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