Novazen Consolidated Billing and Novazen Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment from Novazen Inc. (Internet-based billing and customer care solution)
Platforms: Solaris, Windows NT, HP-UX
Price: starts at $100,000 for each module
Novazen's Consolidated Billing software allows corporate bill presenters to consolidate complex service accounts and billing information into one statement. It reduces bills into a single, customer-defined statement regardless of how many different sources or accounts are involved. Using a customer's existing billing systems and technologies, Novazen Consolidated Billing is easier and faster to implement than "convergent" billing because data is integrated at the data level instead of the platform level.

Novazen Consolidated Billing can manage both traditional (paper) or electronic media formats. It can accept data from a variety of sources, including relational and object databases, legacy systems, flat files, print streams, CD- ROM, EDI feeds or magnetic tape.

Novazen Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment allows billers to manage the entire bill presentment process including: bill formatting and design, automatic scheduling and delivery of electronic bills, and processing of payments of consumer bills and business-to-business invoices. Financial benefits to corporate users can be substantial as the software helps reduce the high cost of postage and paper-based billing distribution.

Novazen's electronic presentment and payment software is designed to co-exist with existing billing and customer data systems. Based on object-oriented principals and concepts and built upon Java and WebObjects software design standards, the software is open, flexible and easily implemented into existing technology architectures.

Novazen software accepts current data formats and creates electronic bills that can be presented via browser, e-mail, data-download, image, push applet, fax, or optical and magnetic media.

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