Netscape BuyerXpert 1.0 from Netscape Communications Corporation (procurement software)
Platforms: Sun Solaris
Price: US$250,000 for a two processor computer system
A packaged Internet commerce application that can significantly reduce procurement-related expenses by completely automating corporate purchasing processes.

Netscape BuyerXpert reduces costs by streamlining the internal procurement workflow, executing external purchasing transactions and managing broad supplier relationships. Unique to Netscape BuyerXpert is the ability to automate the purchasing process from start to finish, including managing local and remote supplier catalogs, empowering employees to place orders from a Web browser, flexibly managing internal approvals, and placing orders with suppliers' systems using either the Internet or existing legacy systems.

Netscape BuyerXpert is also the first commercial procurement solution to support both the Open Buying on the Internet (OBI) and Internet EDI (EDIINT) standards. Support for OBI enables Netscape BuyerXpert to reference remote catalogs, while EDIT INT support enables the exchange of a broader range of transactions between purchasers and suppliers.

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