TRUErelease 1.5 from TRUE Software (Deployment software)
Platforms: Windows, Windows NT, AIX and Solaris
Price: $300,000 per TRUErelease server
Deployment software that enables interoperability among IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Windows NT, and Windows 95 platforms. TRUErelease speeds software deployment and improves companies' return on investment from their software distribution and management framework investments such as Tivoli TME 10 and CA Unicenter.

TRUErelease 1.5 accurately identifies all the components required by each application and their dependencies across the enterprise portfolio of applications and platforms. The resulting warehouse of component knowledge makes it possible to detect eventual conflicts across applications introduced by a changed component, and to group versions of derived components into complete, concise file packages that can be rapidly and safely deployed into production.

TRUErelease automates much of the process of creating release packages appropriate for the target user, platform, and release phase. This ensures that the right combination of components gets to the right people without disrupting their environment.

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