Smart GBICs from Finisar (gigabit optical transceivers)
Platforms: Fibre Channel
Price: FTR-8520 $169; FTR-1320 $336; FTR-8519 $165; FTR-1319 $332
With the introduction of a family of hot-pluggable Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) transceivers, Finisar Corporation has made the "Smart GBIC" a reality. The new FTR-8520 (short wavelength, multi-mode) and FTR-1320 (long wavelength, single-mode) transceivers are fully compliant with the GBIC specification. An important innovation of these smart GBICs is that they have the intelligence to automatically determine the Open Fibre Control (OFC) or non-OFC preference of the opposite end of a Fibre Channel link, and adopt that mode of operation. This feature enables new non-OFC Fibre Channel systems to interoperate with legacy systems requiring OFC. Previously, only expensive board replacement in the older system would allow OFC systems to interoperate with newer non-OFC systems.

The Open Fiber Control protocol is part of the ANSI Fibre Channel standard. It is a start-up and shut-down optical protocol required to ensure a proper physical connection of cables and connectors before full power laser signals are transmitted. It was designed to prevent laser power levels above the Class 1 limits from being transmitted into the air from unconnected cables. Non-OFC devices transmit at an optical power level that is always below the Class 1 limits. Both the original OFC protocol and the more recent non-OFC configuration are approved as part of the ANSI Fibre Channel standard.

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