Sysload AES from Loan System (performance monitoring; analysis of historical performance)
Platforms: Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, OS/400
Price: $1,195
Advanced Expert System support to consolidate Sysload performance monitoring, automating the analysis of historical performance statistics gathered by Sysload agents monitoring thousands of network servers. The results give administrators an easy-to-grasp, detailed portrait of enterprise network performance and problems.

Adding Artificial Intelligence to the Sysload Architecture Sysload AES builds on the data gathering architecture offered by Loan System's Sysload performance measurement software. Sysload uses information-gathering agents, each equipped with a collector daemon that analyzes real-time network activity and stores the data, and a file-server daemon that reads the database information and reports back to a Sysload console.

The console can also be used to set performance thresholds for individual servers. A ScriptMonitor daemon associates each alert with a specific reaction, so when a threshold is exceeded it triggers an alarm or an SNMP Trap to initiate a corrective reaction for the server. This sophisticated information exchange allows administrators to track specific aspects of system performance to guarantee optimal quality of service, anticipate network needs, meter software and application licensing, and generally oversee network activities through a single interface.

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