Innosoft Directory from Innosoft International Inc. (directory server, directory integration, firewall filtering using LDAPv3)
Platforms: Solaris 2.5 and 2.6 (for Sun SPARC and Intel x86); Windows NT 4.0; Digital UNIX 4.0.
Price: contact vendor for pricing
The Innosoft Directory Services (IDS) product set is engineered to address the critical need for commercial, standards-based directory products that deliver on the performance, scalability, manageability, and integration requirements of today's networked enterprise. The IDS product set provides a complete solution for the enterprisewide deployment and integration of LDAP- based directory services.

The Innosoft Distributed Directory Server (IDDS) complements network infrastructures by providing the "glue" for integrating data associated with multiple applications such as electronic mail or user authentication. To enable secure access to the IDDS, the Innosoft LDAP Proxy Server will enhance an existing firewall solution by providing search filtering to permit controlled public access to an organization's LDAP directory, while employing strong safeguards against malicious attacks. The Innosoft X.500 Connector allows the IDDS server or any LDAP server to be accessed by X.500 servers and clients.

For those technically oriented organizations that need to develop their own client applications, the LDAP Client SDK supports key features in the latest LDAPv3 standard, and is backward compatible with LDAPv2. Functionality provided by the LDAP Proxy Server and X.500 Connector is unique to Innosoft and is not available from other vendors.

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