ToolStation from Auto-Soft (integrated cell control framework)
Platforms: Java (Solaris, Windows 95/NT, HP-UX, Digital Unix, IBM AIX and any other Java virtual machine)
Price: contact vendor for pricing
An integrated cell control framework with a built-in graphical user interface (GUI) that eliminates the majority of custom coding required for fab equipment automation. ToolStation is a stand alone system as well as the cell control component of Auto-Soft's iMaven integrated applications suite for cell control, material control, wafer-level tracking and automatic identification systems.

With ToolStation, the interfaces between the user, the process equipment and the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) are already pre-integrated, significantly reducing the time, cost and risk of equipment automation. Also, the unique integration requirements of fab equipment are implemented faster and at lower cost because ToolStation uses an object-oriented architecture that adheres to industry-standard protocols.

ToolStation uses iMaven's fab-wide GUI to provide a common user interface for process equipment control and MES/user interaction. The fab-wide GUI reduces data entry time, displays real-time equipment and wafer-lot status, and guides operators through process steps to increase equipment utilization and ensure accurate processing. By providing a common GUI for equipment and MES functions, ToolStation also improves operator productivity and reduces training time.

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