EMUmail from dotSHOP Inc. (provides access POP E-mail via web browser)
Platforms: Unix, Windows NT
Price: $199 for a server license
URL: http://www.dotshop.com
This web application provides users access to their own POP E-mail accounts using any standard web browser.

EMUmail's advantage over conventional e-mail programs is threefold: it is easier to use, provides global accessibility, and promotes security. Traditionally, a user must configure too many options. Users cannot borrow someone else's computer and check their own e-mail without reconfiguring the system.

As all of the user's data resides on a server connected to the Internet, a user's e-mail is globally available from any computer connected to the net. As a final benefit of using a web browser as the user interface, all network communications may be encrypted between server and client which allows for better network security.

Internet Service Providers may host Web-based e-mail for their users instead of relying on outside services such as Hotmail and Rocketmail. This helps eliminate problems and costs involved with setup and operation of standard e-mail applications on each client machine.

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