getAccess 3.0 from enCommerce, Inc. (all-in-one Web security software)
Platforms: Solaris, Windows NT, AIX
Price: contact vendor for pricing
Designed to meet the scalability, performance, management and security needs of a broad range of corporations, from small intranets to the most sophisticated, high-traffic extranets. Features advanced services for load-balancing and fail-over functionality, enabling it to deliver the high-availability necessary to provide uninterrupted access to millions of users. Another new feature is User Session Management, which allows system administrators to tune system performance and increase security by controlling and even locking out discrete user sessions in real-time.

getAccess 3.0 also includes PAAM (Pluggable Authorization and Authentication Module), a new security framework that enables corporations to easily snap-in best-of-class technologies, including LDAP, SecureID and Safeword tokens as well as name/password, digital certificates and NT Registry authentication and authorization.

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