COSbatch, COSprint from OSM Inc. (multi-platform, job-scheduling and print management)
Platforms: Solaris, NT
Price: contact vendor for price
The complete COSMOS environment consists of ten application areas including print spooling, batch job scheduling, report management, auditing, access security, console management, resource accounting and chargeback, systems administration, software distribution, duty scheduling, backup/recovery and event monitoring. Modules are available for both Unix and for NT environments. Each module will function as a standalone product, or can be seamlessly integrated with other COSMOS modules to provide a set of interoperable system management tools that share a common, simple interface.

COSbatch provides a powerful scheduler making batch job scheduling, monitoring and control a simpler process. It offers a single systems management interface for these tasks and is especially beneficial in coping with job suites with cross-platform (Unix and NT) dependencies.

The Unix and Windows version of COSprint allows operators to view all their printers as a single resource set that can be used and managed from anywhere within the organization's network. In other words, allowing operators to treat a mixed operating environment as though it was homogeneous for many print management operations.

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