RS4 UltraSPARC Rackmount Server from Integrix (up to 4 processor, compact server)
Platforms: Solaris 2.6
Price: contact vendor for pricing
The RS4 is the first server to utilize Sun MicroElectronics' Ultra AXmp motherboard. The RS4 features up to four 250MHz, 300MHz or 360MHz UltraSPARC CPUs, up to 6 PCI slots, and a 1.6 GB/sec dual UPA interconnect. It is equipped with up to 4 GB of main memory with 36 GB of storage on 2 internal hot swappable Ultra-Wide SCSI hard disks, and more than 16.2 TB of external storage capacity.

The system is housed in a compact 5U 19-inch rackmount form factor and runs on Solaris 2.6. In addition, the RS4 is easily monitored with the DM100, the built-in diagnostic monitor designed by Integrix. Users can verify critical internal operations, either locally or remotely.

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