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  • "HTML: The Definitive Guide" (Third Edition)
  • "Java Swing" (in-depth coverage of Java Swing classes)
  • Building The New Enterprise, People, Processes, And Technology (The fourth book in the New Enterprise Series)
  • DNS and BIND, Third Edition (definitive reference)
  • Java Security (An In-Depth Look at Java Security)
  • Perl Cookbook (solutions, and practical examples in Perl)
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  • ISPCON Fall '98 conference and exhibition (September 28 through October 1, at the San Jose Convention Center)
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  • Centellis CT 16523 (CompactPCI-based UltraSPARC system for embedded and telco apps)
  • COMPstation U4MP Series Model 4360 (4 processor, UltraSPARC-II server with PCI)
  • CryptoSwift/EN400 (harware acceleration of cryptographic functions)
  • Raptor GFX-8P (high-resolution, PCI, graphics accelerators)
  • Rave Rackmount-AXmp (SPARC server based on Ultra AXmp motherboard)
  • SedNet Family of Real-Time FireWire Adaptors (PCI card to implement IEEE 1394)
  • Sun GigabitEthernet 2.0 (PCI and SBus Adapters)
  • teraforce-50 (20-slot VMEbus-based UltraSPARC IIi embedded computing platform)
  • VerteX 400 (Dual Processor Pentium II With Solaris Preinstalled)
  • XP7 Expansion Tower (increases the number of PCI Slots)
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  • Ding! Version 2.0 (presence management/instant messaging application)
  • JClass 3.5, JClass HiGrid and JClass DataSource (build complete database applications without writing a single line of code)
  • Quantify (performance profiler for C++, Java)
  • Strategi (applet provides full AS/400 terminal emulation)
  • Together/J 2.0 (platform-independent UML modeler)
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  • AlphaBlox Enlighten version 1.5 (web based analytical application platform)
  • Apex 3.0 (development environment for complex Ada applications)
  • BoKS for Unix Access Control (security management system for mixed Unix intranets)
  • CACS-Telecom (collections management solution)
  • CommuniGate Pro (Unified Messaging Server)
  • COOL:Gen (application development environment with TXSeries support)
  • db-ONE (database extraction for high-speed access)
  • DBTools.h++ 3.0 (object-oriented foundation for building database applications)
  • Domino Connectors for (Integration of Domino with IBM CICS, IBM TXSeries and IBM IMS and BEA Tuxedo)
  • EMMA (LDAP and X.500 Enterprise Messaging Management and Administration)
  • Global C, version 3.0 (create single-source, multilingual and fully portable cross-platform apps)
  • GuestTrack, version 3 (Web personalization)
  • HARBOR File Transfer (HFT) (high speed data transfer product)
  • I-Gear 3.0 (Internet Content Management software)
  • IDL 5.1 (multi-platform technical, visualization and application development software)
  • InQuery Version 5.0 (knowledge discovery and intelligent search)
  • LinkScan 5.0 (automatically detects broken links on web sites)
  • Live Picture Image Servers (serve high-quality, zoomable images via the web)
  • MetaCard 2.2 (Cross-Platform Hypercard development tools)
  • Netscape Application Builder 3.0 (web development environment for building multi-tier distributed apps)
  • OrbixBuilder (CORBA based Enterprise Rapid Application Development)
  • PLSynthesizer Version 6.0 & PLDesigner Version 6.0 (tools for programmable integrated circuit design)
  • PMDF-MTA V5.2 (SMTP/MIME-based MTA with added security anti-SPAM features)
  • PowerPlay Server Web Edition 6.0 (multidimensional analysis of data via web)
  • Raptor Firewall 5.0 for Solaris (high performance application level firewall)
  • Rational Rose 98 for Unix (application development tools for the Unix development environment)
  • RealPC (PC and Windows 95 compatibility for Solaris)
  • SIMS 3.5 (Sun Internet Mail Server)
  • StoryServer 4 (Internet Relationship Management System)
  • Synchronix (storage management software)
  • Tarantella application broker 1.2 (access applications via the web)
  • VERA 3.0 (System Verifier)
  • VERITAS Cluster Server (high availability software solution for clustered environments)
  • VUMaster (interactive tool for displaying and registering stereo image pairs)
  • Web+ 4.0 (cross platform Web application development)
  • XACCTusage (Usage-based Billing for Internet)

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