EMMA from Isode (LDAP and X.500 Enterprise Messaging Management and Administration)
Platforms: Solaris, Windows NT
Price: contact vendor for price
URL: http://www.isode.com
Enterprise directory-based, client/server messaging management tools. EMMA a specialized directory client, which manages messaging configuration information held in an LDAP/X.500 enterprise directory (an enterprise-wide hierarchical distributed database). These tools enable system administrators to configure and manage large scale enterprise-wide messaging systems easily, quickly and cost-effectively. The full suite of Isode R4.0 messaging servers have been developed in parallel to support the sophisticated directory-based configuration managed by EMMA.

The Isode LDAP/X.500 Enterprise Directory Server is the foundation of a suite of Isode directory products. The server can be used as the backbone of an enterprise-wide directory service, which provides a distributed white pages service, allows management of message server routing and configuration information as well as other system configuration information, and provides the infrastructure for X.509 security management.

The Isode LDAP/X.500 Enterprise Directory Server offers high performance, superior scalability, and flexible management. It has full X.500 (1993) functionality incorporating replication, access control, strong authentication and other security features. Integrated LDAP support allows use as either an X.500 directory server, an LDAP directory server, or both simultaneously. This flexibility allows an organization to use both LDAP and X.500 DAP clients.

The Enterprise Directory Server uses X.500 replication, access control and administration facilities to build a highly functional, genuinely open and secure enterprise backbone. Servers that support LDAP but not X.500 can also be integrated into the enterprise infrastructure.

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