Raptor GFX-8P from Tech-Source, Inc. (high-resolution, PCI, graphics accelerators)
Platforms: Solaris, PCI
Price: $499
URL: http://www.techsource.com
The Raptor GFX-8P has the same 8 MB of frame buffer memory and simultaneous 24-bit and 8-bit application support as the Raptor GFX-8M but has been reengineered to cost 40% less.

The Raptor GFX-8P works with any PCI-I/O based Sun System, and is compatible in multi-headed systems with Sun's motherboard graphics on the Ultra 5 and Ultra 10. It drives both Sun and VGA monitors, making it easy and inexpensive to add multiple monitors or re-deploy existing video displays. The card supports displays up to 1280 x 1024 resolution in simultaneous 24-bit and 8-bit mode. When configured in 8-bit only mode, the card will support displays up to 1920 x 1200 resolution.

Multiple Raptor GFX-8P cards can be used in a system, one per PCI slot, to drive up to four simultaneous displays. The card's short PCI form factor allows it to fit in the short slot available on the Ultra 5.

Additionally, the Raptor GFX-8P is designed for windowing applications that require 24-bit color or higher resolutions, and simultaneously runs both 8-bit pseudo color and 24-bit true color visuals on the screen. Tech-Source's cards run X Windows applications in hardware and offer extremely fast 2-D performance. Applications requiring OpenGL, XIL and XGL will function properly but will not be accelerated in hardware.

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