Synchronix from ECCS, Inc. (storage management software)
Platforms: Unix including Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, SCO; and Microsoft NT.
Price: contact vendor for pricing
A new release of Synchronix RAID Manager software for Open Systems. This latest version of storage management software simplifies management of data pools on Synchronix open systems storage products, including Synchronix 1000 and the new Synchronix Family of Enterprise Storage Platform (ESP) systems.

ECCS customers can monitor multiple Synchronix units co-located or distributed organization-wide and control mission-critical storage environments from one central point. This offers a powerful productivity advantage for database administrators. The ability to consolidate the management of distributed data enhances the value of Synchronix Enterprise Storage by reducing the time and resources required for configure and monitor Synchronix storage systems in Windows NT and Unix environments. Synchronix provides the ability to access data across the enterprise and across heterogeneous platforms. This enables easy movement of data between Unix-based and NT hosts, as well as between different Unix platforms.

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