Quantify from Rational Software Corporation (performance profiler for C++, Java)
Platforms: solaris
Price: $1,398 plus $250 for support
URL: http://www.rational.com
Quantify enables developers to profile their Java applications and identify performance bottlenecks using a Java monitoring interface. Quantify intercepts and times each byte code instruction run through the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and correlates this information with Java source code and components to give developers comprehensive timing information on their entire Java application. Quantify's customizable performance data collection features allow developers to filter the performance data collected, allowing them to focus on the most critical portions of their application.

Using Rational's patented Object Code Insertion (OCI) technology, Quantify already supports C/C++ profiling and the added Java support allows developers to profile and optimize mixed language applications. Quantify works with any development environment utilizing the JavaSoft JVM release 1.1.6 for Java on Solaris.

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