Raptor Firewall 5.0 for Solaris from AXENT Technologies, Inc. (high performance application level firewall)
Platforms: Solaris
Price: contact vendor for pricing
URL: http://www.axent.com
Test results indicate that the Raptor Firewall 5.0 for Solaris can support in excess of 62 Mbps of mixed data throughput; Raptor can support a T3 line on a dual processor Sun SPARC using AXENT's multi-threaded application proxies and symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) support.

Raptor Firewall 5.0 for Solaris also provides dynamic key management using the ISAKMP/Oakley protocol. This industry standard VPN feature frees the administrator from the time-consuming task of setting up and managing keys for encryption. Dynamic keying is especially important since it will be mandated by major VPN extranet deployments such as the Automotive Network eXchange (ANX). In addition, Raptor Firewalls have been shipping with industry standard IPSec VPN encryption technology for over a year. Raptor Firewall 5.0 for Solaris also provides exportable 56-bit DES encryption to meet the higher encryption requirements of international customers.

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