Web+ 4.0 from Talent Information Management (cross platform Web application development)
Platforms: Windows NT, Windows 95, Linux, Solaris, IRIX
Price: contact vendor for price
URL: http://www.talentsoft.com
TalentSoft Web+ is a development tool dedicated to creating Web-based client/server applications without writing CGI programs. Web+ applications are written in Web+ Markup Language (WML), a scripting language based on the Basic programming language and HTML. Familiarity with Basic and HTML enables programmers to quickly learn Web+ and begin writing Web+ applications. Web+ enables the creation of highly-functional Web pages that integrate with databases, file systems, email, Java applets, legacy applications, and other TCP/IP applications using socket technology.

Version 4.0 enhances performance by utilizing client-server architecture and memory caching for processing scripts. In addition to ODBC database support, Web+ 4.0 Unix/Linux versions provide native API support for the popular shareware databases including mySQL, mini SQL and PostgreSQL. The new version supports the popular Apache API for high-speed Web application processing, as well as CGI, ISAPI and NSAPI.

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