VERITAS Cluster Server from VERITAS Software Corporation (high availability software solution for clustered environments)
Platforms: Solaris
Price: starts at US $6,000 per server
VERITAS Cluster Server provides continuous access to business applications while dramatically reducing the cost to implement and manage clustered systems. VERITAS Cluster Server is a SAN-enabled availability management solution, allowing customers to realize the availability, manageability and performance benefits of storage-centric computing today.

As storage-centric computing moves users to more centralized data accessibility and management, VERITAS Cluster Server provides the intelligence to keep data and applications available in clusters of up to 32 nodes.

In traditional HA configurations, the cost of availability is typically twice the number of active nodes, while in a VERITAS Cluster Server environment, the cost is shared among all nodes participating in the cluster. This significantly lowers the system costs associated with clustering for availability. As a result, customers can justify and extend the use of high availability to more types of business applications.

To decrease the cost of administering large, heterogeneous cluster environments, a Java-based management console provides clear, centralized monitoring of multiple clusters, with easy drill-down into single clusters and specific resources for more granular administration.

In the event of a failure, VERITAS Cluster Server can provide fast recovery that is completely transparent to the user. Through policy-based, application- focused failover management, applications can be failed over to any server in the cluster or SAN environment, and to consecutive servers (cascading failover) as necessary.

VERITAS ClusterStat is a unique, robust, internode communication protocol developed by VERITAS to enable VERITAS Cluster Server to provide industry- leading scalability. ClusterStat ensures fast fault detection and recovery of application services in the event of a failure.

Through ClusterStat, VERITAS Cluster Server is able to synchronize node status up to ten times faster than conventional, point-to-point communication protocols.

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