I-Gear 3.0 from URLabs, Inc. (Internet Content Management software)
Platforms: Solaris, Windows NT, and Check Point FireWall-1 platforms
Price: contact vendor for price
URL: http://www.urlabs.com
I-Gear 3.0 enhancements include a common object-oriented interface across all platforms, the ability to create virtual user accounts, and multithreaded execution for increased efficiency and scalability.

I-Gear allows administrators to easily establish unique Internet access permissions for individual users, computers, or groups of users or computers across a network. Permissions can be based on the user, where a user is located on the network, or on what time of day access to certain content is attempted. I-Gear controls access to content through a combination of customizable allow lists, Content Category Lists composed of more than 300,000 URLs, and a patent- pending, real-time context filter called Dynamic Document Review (DDR). DDR has received much attention recently because of its ability to effectively control access to the Starr report. A list-based approach is unsuited to screening content such as the Starr report because of the report's widespread availability and its distribution by servers in government domains.

URLabs I-Gear provides organizations with the ability to effectively enforce their Internet Use Policy by optionally requiring user authentication. Once "logged in," a filtered user's permissions can be automatically enforced using I-Gear's AutoLock feature, which automatically disables a user's account if the user exceeds a locally defined number of attempts to access objectionable material. E-mail notification ensures that the locked account won't go unnoticed by the network administrator. Organizations concerned about the legal implications of providing Web access but reluctant to tackle thorny First Amendment issues will appreciate I-Gear's unique Audit Mode, a feature that enables user-transparent auditing of unfiltered access. Detailed summary reports can be used to pinpoint use policy violations without restricting freedom of access.

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