Java Security from O'Reilly & Associates (An In-Depth Look at Java Security)
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Price: $32.95
Sun's claim that Java is a secure programming environment is one of the most hotly debated aspects of Java. In spite of intense discussion, many Java programmers are mystified by what Java's default security policies are, and how to create and implement their own policies. "Java Security", a new release by O'Reilly, explores Java security for Java programmers clearly and concisely.

In "Java Security", Oaks shows how to use Java's facilities for signing classes or implementing your own signature facility. He also teaches, step-by-step, how to write a class loader that recognizes signed classes, verifies the signature, and cooperates with a security manager to grant additional privileges. He addresses the problem of managing cryptographic keys and provides solutions that implement your own key management systems. "Java Security" includes detailed coverage of:

"Java Security" is an essential book for everyone using Java real-world software. Serious Java programmers deploying software written in Java must know how to grant classes the privileges they need, without granting privileges to untrusted classes. They must know how to protect their systems from intrusion and corruption. Java provides the tools; this book helps the programmer master those tools.

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