SedNet Family of Real-Time FireWire Adaptors from Sederta, Inc. (PCI card to implement IEEE 1394)
Platforms: Solaris, QNX, VxWorks, Windows NT, AIX; PCI, SBus or VME
Price: from $595 to $2,995;
Expansion of SedNet family of real-time FireWire (IEEE 1394) adapter cards with the release of

Operating system support includes with new SedNet Software Development Kits for Sun Solaris, QNX and VxWorks, as well as a new Driver Development Kit for custom or embedded systems.

IEEE P1394, or FireWire: this new technology enables isochronous service while providing the bandwidth needed for audio, imaging, video, and other streaming data. Isochronous service means it guarantees latency; the length of time between a requested action and when the resulting action occurs -- a critical feature in supporting real time video, for example. FireWire provides a high-speed serial bus with data transfer rates of 100, 200, or 400Mbps.

FireWire offers a standard, simple connection to all types of consumer electronics, including digital audio devices, digital VCRs and digital video cameras; as well as to traditional computer peripherals such as optical drives and hard disk drives.

FireWire supports up to 63 devices on a single bus, and connecting to a device is as easy as plugging in a telephone jack. In addition, FireWire provides users with the ability to instantly connect devices without first turning off their machines. Another key feature of FireWire is its ability to stream A/V data off a hard disc in real time, without computer assistance. The protocols also include device-specific commands to start and stop camcorders and VCRs, and other tasks.

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