Netscape Application Builder 3.0 from Netscape Communications Corporation (web development environment for building multi-tier distributed apps)
Platforms: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Solaris
Price: $1,295 per developer seat
Web development environment for building multi-tier distributed applications deployed on Netscape Application Server software. Developers can quickly and easily build different tiers of an application that leverage the rich application and infrastructure services delivered by Netscape Application Server -- including industry-leading performance and scalability features, 24x7 availability services, and high-performance enterprise application integration capabilities - to build sophisticated, business-critical Internet-based applications.

Provides an improved development solution for the Netscape Application Server deployment platform, delivering an integrated workspace of graphical tools and wizards that enables developers to easily build presentation, business, and data logic components. Because these components are completely reusable, Netscape Application Builder 3.0 and the Netscape Application Server architecture dramatically reduce development time when building multiple applications, and also enable an enterprise to leverage the appropriate IT skills within their organization to build specific tiers of an application. To further streamline development, Netscape Application Builder 3.0 enables IT professionals and Web developers to leverage familiar tools by easily integrating with 3rd party Java and C++ tools -- as well as HTML editors and database modeling tools -- for tasks such as component editing, source-code control, team development, and site design.

Netscape Application Builder 3.0 provides comprehensive functionality for creating enterprise-class Internet-based applications. It includes an integrated workspace for project management, visual editing of HTML pages with a palette for WYSIWYG data-bound page design, editing and debugging of Java application code, and a graphical SQL query editor to create data access logic. Netscape Application Builder 3.0 also provides an application map to graphically view the dependencies and flow of all the components within an application. An extensive set of wizards helps developers get up to speed quickly and enables them to rapidly create sophisticated, transactional Internet applications. The Netscape Application Server deployment platform, combined with the new features of Netscape Application Builder 3.0, shields IT developers from the complexity and resource drain of having to develop the sophisticated set of built-in application and infrastructure services that provide industry-leading performance, dynamic scalability, 24x7 availability and high-performance integration with existing IT systems.

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