Centellis CT 16523 from Force Computer (CompactPCI-based UltraSPARC system for embedded and telco apps)
Platforms: SPARC
Price: starts at $9,995
URL: http://www.forcecomputers.com
The Centellis CT (for Computer Telephony) 16523 is an entry-level UltraSPARC IIi system designed and priced for large-scale deployment in a broad range of Customer Premise Equipment applications, or for such compute- and I/O-intensive applications as an Intelligent Peripheral (IP) Switching Host.

It delivers outstanding performance through the use of a 300MHz UltraSPARC IIi processor. This high performance is complimented by the stability of Sun's Solaris operating system, and the durability and easy maintainability of the CompactPCI bus architecture.

The CompactPCI architecture provides hot swappable boards for minimal downtime, a rugged Eurocard form factor, and superior cooling characteristic for high reliability.

The Centellis CT 16523 is designed around a 16 slot CompactPCI backplane to provide customers with broad CompactPCI expansion capabilities. It also supports a PCI bandwidth of 132 Mbytes per second per CompactPCI bus segment, enabling it to deliver the high-speed throughput required by computer telephony applications. In addition, its main memory is expandable up to a full gigabyte.

The standard's hot-swap feature allows upgrades to be made in seconds; the CT 16523's front-loading boards can be removed and replaced without disrupting a running application or crashing the system. With the integration of H.110 with CompactPCI, it eliminates the board to board cabling which is required for H.100 in standard PCI.

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