ISPCON Fall '98 conference and exhibition from Mecklermedia Corporation (September 28 through October 1, at the San Jose Convention Center)
Platforms: none
Price: $520
Providing a road map to the future of the Internet, ISPCON is a industry trade show that focuses solely on the technologies, resources and strategies driving the Internet's growth and structure. ISPCON is an intensive business event with over 150 scheduled conference sessions addressing every aspect of operating an ISP business.

Topics include marketing, operational models, and how to value an ISP business. Critical sessions include: bandwidth to the home, connecting small- and medium-sized businesses, deploying voice and fax over IP and virtual private networks. Inter-ISP operational policy issues such as peering, settlements, caching, QoS, performance measurement, and exchanges will further focus the conference. Representatives from leading companies in every one of these industry segments will attend this Fall's ISPCON in San Jose.

The opening keynote will be presented by John Sidgmore, vice chairman and chief operating officer of WorldCom. Sidgmore served as CEO of UUNET before it was acquired by WorldCom, and remains CEO of the subsidiary. Because of his long tenure and wide scope of experience across the Internet industry, his views on the emerging global network, the Internet access business, and Internet technology, may likely impact the future of the Internet.

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