"HTML: The Definitive Guide" from O'Reilly and Associates (Third Edition)
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The third edition of the venerable "HTML: The Definitive Guide". This bestselling guide has been updated to cover HTML version 4.0, Netscape 4.0, and Internet Explorer 4.0, plus all the common extensions. "For about two years, if anyone mentioned HTML Standards to us, we responded with a groan, a bemused smile, and then uproarious laughter. Standards had become a joke," said Bill Kennedy, "Today, fortunately for those of us who appreciate standards, its different. HTML 4.0 marks a new beginning."

As in previous editions, the authors cover every element of HTML in detail, explaining how each element works and how it interacts with other elements. With hundreds of examples, the book provides models for writing your own effective Web pages and mastering advanced features, like style sheets and frames.

It shows you how to:

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