Apex 3.0 from Rational Software Corporation (development environment for complex Ada applications)
Platforms: Solaris, HP-UX, Digital Unix, AIX, IRIX
Price: $22,000
URL: http://www.rational.com
Ada-based programming environment, with comprehensive Ada 95 support, ACVC 2.1 validation, and tight integration with a full suite of Rational's lifecycle development tools. Apex 3.0 combined with Rational Rose 98 for visual modeling, TestMate for automated testing, and new support tools for Apex provides Unix developers with the most complete development environment available.

Rational Apex is an integrated, team-oriented programming environment that provides architectural control and greatly simplifies the process of building and managing Ada and mixed language Ada and C++ applications. Rational Apex offers a consistent paradigm for embedded host and target development and testing. It is highly scalable, and has supported many of the world's largest and most complex projects with millions of lines of code as well as smaller projects.

ACVC 2.1 validation of the Rational Apex Ada 95 compiler for the core language and Annexes B (C language), C (Systems Programming), D (Real Time), and G (Numerics) -- ensures that Apex 3.0 is conformant with the latest validation test suite, and enables developers to utilize the full breadth of Ada 95 in the design and implementation of their Ada applications.

Rational Apex 3.0 introduces new optimization features important for embedded applications. Overall application size is reduced because Rational Apex 3.0 automatically selects the runtime library most appropriate for the application based on the Ada features the application uses. Other features, such as configurable storage management, improve support for embedded development, enabling developers to create faster and smaller applications.

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