OrbixBuilder from Black & White Software, Inc. (CORBA based Enterprise Rapid Application Development)
Platforms: Windows 95, NT and Unix platforms
Price: starting at $1795 per user
URL: http://www.blackwhite.com
OrbixBuilder is based on the CORBA standard for distributed objects, turning popular builders such as Symantec's Visual Cafe for Java and Microsoft's Visual C++ into enterprise application builders. Black & White's ERAD solution combines the ease of use of leading visual tools with the power and scalability of CORBA-based distributed objects.

OrbixBuilder allows developers to simultaneously create CORBA application components in Java and C++ using a common set of integrated tools and online documentation. New features include wizards for configuring CORBA clients and servers, a visual CORBA naming service browser, integration via Symantec's Open API specification, online manuals, and a common registry of CORBA tools allowing easy access from within the Symantec and Microsoft builders.

OrbixBuilder includes the following ERAD features which behave as natural extensions to any supported application builder:

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