CryptoSwift/EN400 from Rainbow Technologies, Inc. (harware acceleration of cryptographic functions)
Platforms: PCI - HP-UX, Solaris and other Unix
Price: starts at $9,700
Accelerates the public-key cryptographic functions of widely used security protocols such as SSL, SET, and SSH and boosts transaction capacity to 400 transactions per second (tps).

Rainbow's CryptoSwift/EN400 can be used for secure transaction laden servers running Netscape Enterprise with HP/UX, Solaris and other Unix operating systems. CryptoSwift/EN400 complements Rainbow's family of cryptographic accelerators, which includes the CryptoSwift II secure server accelerator, providing up to 200 tps on a single PCI bus card. By adding additional cards the transaction capacity of a server can be increased by increments of 200 tps.

Rainbow's CryptoSwift/EN400 incorporates the same proprietary cryptographic chip used in CryptoSwift II. CryptoSwift/EN400 uses this patent-pending technology to offload and accelerate public key cryptography, and is capable of performing a reference RSA signature in five milliseconds. In comparison, a Pentium II at 400Mhz takes 25 milliseconds -- five times longer - to complete the same operation.

CryptoSwift/EN400 economically supports multiple servers through a single Ethernet connection as a shared network resource. CryptoSwift/EN400 seamlessly integrates with Netscape Enterprise Servers, HP Virtual Vault and C2Net Stronghold and Apache Servers, as well as SET electronic commerce applications from VeriFone and Maithean. Custom application developers using RSA's BSAFE tool kit, Consensus SSL Plus tool kit, Microsoft's CAPI and Intel's CDSA development tools can also utilize CryptoSwift's benefits.

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