AlphaBlox Enlighten version 1.5 from AlphaBlox Corporation (web based analytical application platform)
Platforms: Netscape Enterprise Server 3.0 on the NT and Solaris; Microsoft IIS 3.0 on NT
Price: starts at $50,000 per server
AlphaBlox Enlighten is an analytical application platform designed specifically for the delivery of easy to use analytical applications for line of business managers via the Web. AlphaBlox Enlighten analytical applications automate the measurement, simplify the interpretation and provide the consistent delivery of information to manage and improve business performance for competitive advantage.

AlphaBlox Enlighten version 1.5 adds significantly improved performance features as well as enhanced functionality via two new Blox and numerous other new features including support for IBM's DB2 Universal Database.

Dynamic Application Assembly (DAA), the foundation of AlphaBlox Enlighten, allows corporations to quickly assemble and deliver analytical applications without coding. DAA significantly reduces the software development cycle with a simple "Lego-like" approach where building blocks -- Blox -- are literally snapped together on a Web page creating an interactive analytical application that can be accessed through any Java capable Web browser.

AlphaBlox Enlighten consists of three parts:

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