Rave Rackmount-AXmp from Rave Computer Association, Inc. (SPARC server based on Ultra AXmp motherboard)
Platforms: SPARC
Price: contact vendor for price
URL: http://www.rave.net
In the RM-AXmp, Rave integrates the Sun Microsystems Ultra AXmp motherboard into a 5U-19" chassis. This allows dual and quad-processing in a 64-bit UltraSPARC-powered system. The Ultra AXmp motherboard will support one to four CPUs and up to six PCI slots. The system features a 600-watt power supply, integrated dual-channel Ultra-wide SCSI, and three cooling fans. It also supports a maximum of 2 GB of memory.

Rave's RM-AXmp is specifically designed for the telecommunications and Internet service provider markets. All of the features in the RM-AXmp give users a dynamic combination of powerful multiprocessing performance and sophisticated next-generation technology. The system is ideal for today's compute-intensive server challenges.

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