HARBOR File Transfer (HFT) from HARBOR Systems Management, Ltd. (high speed data transfer product)
Platforms: IBM AIX, Solaris, Digital Unix, HP-UX, Windows NT
Price: contact vendor for pricing
URL: http://www.harborsys.com
HFT is designed to provide high-speed, automated, reliable, and secure transfer of data between IBM OS/390 mainframes and open system servers.

HFT is the first product to offer ESCON communications across a diverse range of platform types. HFT supports connections from RS/6000-to-Channel via an IBM 2754 ESCON Adapter and SCSI-to-Channel via Bus-Tech's DataBlaster 2. HFT also offers an NT-to-Channel connection via the Polaris PCI ESCON Channel Interface. This flexibility means HFT will easily integrate with any existing network configuration.

HFT provides full administration and control of the entire file transfer process. More importantly, HFT provides a significant reduction in CPU usage with its unique ESCON solution. This aids in reducing network bandwidth restrictions and provides a cost-effective, high-performance data transfer solution.

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