PowerPlay Server Web Edition 6.0 from Cognos Corporation (multidimensional analysis of data via web)
Platforms: HP/UX, Solaris, AIX, Windows NT
Price: pricing begins at $275 per user for 1000 users
URL: http://www.cognos.com
A rapid deployment solution for delivering enterprise-wide multidimensional analysis of data via the familiar Web browser interface. Allow companies with existing desktop or client/server OLAP (online analytical processing) applications to extend the value of their solutions to thousands of intranet and extranet users, in less than half a day, leveraging existing Cognos PowerCubes or other popular multidimensional data sources.

Cognos' approach to Analyze-then-Query provides a rich, intuitive user experience and optimum enterprise performance. Moving through summary-level data, PowerPlay allows Web or client/server users to move to supporting transactional-level data as required. Cognos Impromptu products can be automatically invoked to submit qualified, managed queries. Dimensions from the current OLAP view of data are passed automatically as filter information to Impromptu. This eliminates unnecessary and large queries that can strain computing infrastructures.

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