VerteX 400 from EIS Computers (Dual Processor Pentium II With Solaris Preinstalled)
Platforms: Pentium, Solaris
Price: contact vendor for price
The VerteX 400 is a highly integrated system, supporting dual Pentium II CPUs, UltraWide SCSI, 10/100 Ethernet and Video, all on Intel's N440BX motherboard without add-on PCI cards. It is shipped in tower as well as a rack-mountable chassis, and can house up to 54GB in disk storage.

Every VerteX 400 system is delivered with Solaris for Intel preinstalled, along with Sun Microsystems recommended patches and updated drivers. Both the current version of Solaris 2.6 and the soon-to-be-released 2.7 are supported. EIS can install other PC operating systems in a multiboot configuration along with Solaris.

For qualified noncommercial users, EIS will preinstall Solaris- Intel free of charge and enable the user to get a free copy of Solaris directly from Sun Microsystems.

The VerteX 400 can support one or two 450MHz Intel Pentium II CPUs, up to 1GB of PC/100 (100 MHz) SDRAM with ECC, and has four PCI and one ISA slot for additional expansion. Onboard interfaces include dual Ultra Wide SCSI, 10/100 baseT ethernet, video, floppy, dual EIDE, dual serial, parallel ports PS/2 keyboard and mouse. Floppy and CD-ROM drives are standard, as is a 300-Watt power supply. The system comes with an extendible two-year warranty.

The VerteX 400 uniquely captures high-end processing and disk power in a small chassis with video and connectivity enhancements built in. Mail-reading and Web- browsing tools are also preinstalled. Productivity applications and Sun Microsystems development tools may also be installed upon request.

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