GuestTrack, version 3 from GuestTrack Inc. (Web personalization)
Platforms: Solaris, Linix,
Price: $3,000
Combines data in a user's profile with rules in HTML template files, plus additional content from database tables, to create unique combinations of content. By adding expanded SQL database capabilities to GuestTrack's existing Web content management tags, developers can create applications that respond to the user's interests by combining a variety of editorial, image and interactive content `on the fly.`

Web personalization can be used in a wide variety of applications to increase the effectiveness of a Web site, such as:

- Catalogs & E-commerce :- Companies with a large number of products (SKUs) can ask customers a few key questions about their needs and then recommend products to consider purchasing. - Directories :- A Web database of company or product information that responds to audience needs can help people find solutions more quickly and easily. - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) :- Customer service is one of the largest expenses for a company, and GuestTrack can help reduce this expense by anticipating customer needs and answering them, which reduces the load on call center resources. - Publishing :- The large quantity of text and graphics used in publishing a magazine, newsletter or report lend themselves to the personalized database publishing capabilities of GuestTrack to create loyal readers, speed production and maintain a consistent graphical format. - Training :- Training and education need not take employees away from their workplace when Web-based training and testing is used to deliver and track training for a diverse employee base. - Intranet :- Corporations publish a great deal of information internally, but never know if it has been read or understood.

As GuestTrack can collect profile and interest information throughout the user's visit to a Web site, the user does not need to fill out a lengthy questionnaire in order to benefit from personalization. In fact, GuestTrack allows personalization to begin with as little as one question on a content page.

GuestTrack can recognize each individual when returning to a Web site and each person's profile is automatically available; the Web experience can be continued from where it was ended in the previous session.

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