COOL:Gen from Sterling Software (application development environment with TXSeries support)
Platforms: Solaris and many more
Price: contact vendor for price
COOL:Gen is a full-life cycle model-based application development environment. It allows developers to model and generate 100 percent error- free code in a structured, iterative and repeatable manner. High-level specifications are driven forward into dynamic, scalable applications targeting multiple platforms. For distributed applications, COOL:Gen generates all the code required for both client and server, as well as, the required communications middleware. COOL:Gen is used to design and construct software components, deliver Internet-enabled applications and wrapper legacy software for inclusion in new systems.

COOL:Gen can now integrate with IBM's TXSeries transactional middleware. TXSeries, developed by IBM's Transarc subsidiary, is middleware to support and simplify transactional connections across increasingly diverse and complex networks. In addition to offering secure, cross-enterprise integration, TXSeries delivers on the scalability, availability, integrity, longevity and security features necessary for large-scale transaction processing. TXSeries offers a Web server, network connectivity gateways and an integrated infrastructure that support the leading Web-based technologies, enabling customers to enhance and grow their businesses and to adapt their systems for e-business.

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