Building The New Enterprise, People, Processes, And Technology from Sun Microsystem Press (The fourth book in the New Enterprise Series)
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People, processes and technology -- in that order -- are the key drivers of success with client/server and Internet technology. BUILDING THE NEW ENTERPRISE delivers practical ways to maximize all three. It's filled with how-tos, metrics, forms, checklists, sample organization charts, job descriptions, schedules, methodologies, policies -- everything you need to get results. You'll find all this and more:

- The "Ten Commandments" of a world-class IT infrastructure - Supporting the "glass closet:" applying data center management techniques to the network - Sample service level agreements between user and IT organizations - The real economics of client/server and process engineering - Buy vs. build, insource vs. outsource - FAQs answering IT executives' top questions about managing client/server systems

Like the authors' three previous best sellers, this book is based on more than a half-century of practical consulting experience with the world's top companies. It's your roadmap and sourcebook for building world-class IT infrastructures!

Also available by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson: - Rightsizing the New Enterprise (ISBN 0-13-490384-6) - Managing the New Enterprise (ISBN 0-13-231184-4) - Networking the New Enterprise (ISBN 0-13-263427-9)

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