BoKS for Unix Access Control from Security Dynamics Technologies, Inc. (security management system for mixed Unix intranets)
Platforms: Solaris, Digital Unix, SINIX, AIX, HP-UX
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A security management system for mixed Unix intranets that scale from one to five thousand systems. By supporting major versions of Unix servers through a standard, Web-based interface, BoKS for Unix Access Control software is designed to eliminate the need for security administrators to understand the intricacies of multiple Unix systems. In addition, BoKS for Unix Access Control software is designed to enable untrained personnel to perform day-to-day user account management, easing the burden on already overloaded Unix system administrators.

Designed to protect Unix servers running mission-critical applications through authentication, secure access control, session encryption, centralized management, system monitoring, intrusion detection, auditing and reporting. It is designed to enable organizations to centrally implement, enforce and audit precise security policies.

Administrators can manage the identification and authentication of users; create user groups and roles; establish access control authorizations; ensure data privacy and integrity; and audit the entire process from a central security manager to help ensure their companies pass an audit.

In addition, BoKS for Unix Access Control software is designed to counter possible threats to Unix environments by enforcing security barriers on the Unix systems and the network. It is designed to provide access control and integrity checks for enterprise Unix servers and data, and to protect the session over the network by creating a secure channel between the communicating parties.

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