Domino Connectors for from Lotus Development Corp. (Integration of Domino with IBM CICS, IBM TXSeries and IBM IMS and BEA Tuxedo)
Platforms: OS/2, Windows NT, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX
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Domino Connectors for leading transaction processing systems allow native integration of transactional data in Domino applications and greatly enhance organizations' collaborative infrastructures. The Domino Connectors for transaction processing systems complement the previously announced Domino Connectors for RDBMS systems and enterprise requirement planning (ERP) systems. Lotus also announced enhanced integration products that allow developers to build solutions with the Connectors.

Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI), previously known as Lotus NotesPump, is an enterprise-scale data transfer product that manages high volume data exchange and synchronization, and load balancing of transfer operations across Domino Connector sources. LEI complements the live enterprise data connectivity of Domino Enterprise Connection Services (DECS) and provides a complete environment for developers to exploit the Domino Connectors for high-value application integration.

The Domino Connectors for transaction processing systems and LEI are the latest offerings that represent Lotus' strategy to provide developers with declarative and programmatic capabilities that connect Domino with relational database, transaction processing and ERP systems. These new products expand and enhance the current Domino enterprise integration offerings.

The new Domino Connectors for IBM CICS, IBM TXSeries, IBM IMS and BEA Tuxedo will enable two-way data integration between Domino and transaction processing systems. These Connectors can also be accessed programmatically through Domino Classes using LotusScript or Java, supplied with LEI.

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