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  • Alliance Generation Quad T1 and Quad E1 network interface and DSP (Network interface and DSP resource boards)
  • COMPstation U60-2300 (Sun Ultra 60-compatible workstation/server)
  • Memory upgrade kits (For Sun Ultra 10 Workstations)
  • Primestar RAID Array (Desktop sized SCSI disk array system)
  • RD15 compact RAID subsystem (Upto six 18 GB disk for a capacity of 108 GB)
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  • EverLink Suite (Java security product for Internet communications)
  • JDesignerPro 2.32 (Enhanced Java Development System)
  • JSAFE 1.1 (Encryption engine for Java)
  • Microtec Division's Java toolkit (Java products for the embedded market)
  • OrbixBuilder (CORBA development environment for Java programmers)
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  • AdActive (Web site banner target marketing)
  • Alliance Generation and CT Access (API for network interfaces and DSP resource boards.)
  • Alliance Series version 1.4 (design of programmable logic devices)
  • Business EventManager (event management for CFOs.)
  • C2Verilog+Test (Option for ANSI C to Verilog compiler)
  • ECXpert 1.1 (Internet Commerce Exchange software)
  • ESP Print 3.2.5 (Printer drivers)
  • FASTPIC4 (Storage and retrieval system.)
  • Fixed-cost implementation of Agile Workplace PDM (product configuration and change management)
  • Global C Version 2.0 (Portable C run-time)
  • InTempo 3.0 (Enterprise workflow and electronic forms solution)
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 for UNIX (Microsoft's browser for Solaris)
  • LightWave 3D 5.6 (3D animation and video production products)
  • MarketStream (Internet electronic commerce application)
  • McCabe Visual 2000 version 3.0 (Pinpoints Client/Server Year 2000 risk areas)
  • PegaCARE and PegaCARE-Blue (Customer relationship management for health care providers)
  • PLATINUM InfoSession (Web based access to Mainframes)
  • ProxyReporter version 3.0 (Provides detailed group/department reporting of WWW usage.)
  • Raptor Firewall 5.0 for Solaris (High performance firewall software)
  • Steel-Belted Radius v2.1 (For Enterprise Network Managers and ISPs)
  • TurboCheck-RTL (Testability Analyzer)
  • Veritas Storage Replicator for File Systems (Data replication products)
  • Vital Signs Servers (Networked Acuity patient monitoring systems)

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