ESP Print 3.2.5 from Easy Software Products (Printer drivers)
Platforms: IRIX, Solaris, HP-UX
Price: $245
Complete printing solution that prints text, Adobe PostScript, PDF, HPGL, GIF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG/JFIF, SGI RGB, Sun Raster, PhotoCD, PBM, PGM, and PPM files transparently to over 1100 printers via serial, parallel, SCSI, and network connections.

Provides PostScript and image file RIPs that support the ESP color management system ("Color ESP") and a proprietary Stochastic halftoning algorithm developed by Easy Software Products. Support for approximately 250 new printers, a new color management system called "Color ESP", a proprietary new Stochastic halftoning algorithm, and enhanced graphical user-interfaces (GUIs) for the best in UNIX printing software. ESP Print 3.2.5 also adds support for the ALPS MD-series photorealistic printers and HP-UX version 10.20 and higher.

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