Microtec Division's Java toolkit from Mentor Graphics Corporation (Java products for the embedded market)
Platforms: Windows 95, Windows NT, and Sun Solaris
Price: $2,300
URL: http://www.mentorg.com/microtec
Provides language tools, including a Microtec Java Compiler, an XRAY Debugger, and a high-performance Java run-time system. Allows embedded software developers to leverage the productivity benefits of Java with high performance and often lower resource requirements than run-time Java interpreters. This broadens the accessibility of Java to encompass a more diverse range of embedded applications.

Microtec's XRAY Debugger fully supports Java's object-oriented language constructs and multithreading. Java software developers can also take advantage of XRAY's embedded debug options, including a PowerPC instruction-set simulator, a PowerPC Background Debug Mode (BDM) connection, and the Hewlett-Packard PowerPC Processor Probe.

Microtec also provides Java run-time support, including multithreading, memory management and garbage collection. Microtec has used its POSIX- compliant VRTX 5.0 real-time operating system as the basis for its Java multithreading run-time, enabling it to leverage VRTX's fast, deterministic performance. Microtec offers a full set of class libraries that comprise the EmbeddedJava API, licensed from Sun.

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