FASTPIC4 from REMSTAR International (Storage and retrieval system.)
Platforms: Windows 95, Windows NT, UNIX
Price: Contact vendor for price
Multi-platform version of FastPic Inventory Management software. The new version, FASTPIC4, runs on Windows 95, Windows NT or UNIX; is SQL/OBDC enabled; and provides Internet-based help (HTML) and technical support. FASTPIC4 software also contains material handling features for multi-user carousel operation, bulk storage management, ergonomics and many other productivity and safety enhancements.

Provides the tools to optimize storage space in automated storage and retrieval devices. FASTPIC4 uses the flexibility and power of distributed computing to add new functionality to all of its automated storage and retrieval systems, including vertical carousels, horizontal carousels and Shuttle vertical lift modules.

Much of the new functionality is provided by the following features: -- Super Flex Zone (the ability to control any storage device connected to the system from any workstation dynamically.) -- Restock from Bulk (when the part count in the automated carousel reaches a predetermined restock level, the software issues a pick request to refill the carousel from bulk.) -- Hot Pick ( the ability to interrupt a workstation's current order picking activities to process a higher priority transaction and return to the original transaction easily)

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