TurboCheck-RTL from SynTest Technologies, Inc. (Testability Analyzer)
Platforms: Solaris and other UNIX workstations
Price: Gate, $10,000; RTL, $20,000; Both Gate and RTL, $25,000
URL: http://www.syntest.com
Register Tranfer-level (RTL) testability analyzer. In addition, Chip Express has added TurboCheck to design kits for the company's LPGA (Laser Programmable Gate Array) product families. Complements and augments the company's gate-level testability analyzer, TurboCheck-Gate (formerly called Pioneer).

Another new product, TurboCheck, offers both gate and RTL test analysis. TurboCheck-RTL identifies testability problems early in the design cycle. Removing these problems at the RTL stage improves test insertion, Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG), and fault coverage. Using Turbocheck-Gate or TurboCheck-RTL helps reduce design iterations. TurboCheck-RTL checks Verilog RTL designs before synthesis and verification. TurboCheck-Gate is used after synthesis.

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