Alliance Generation Quad T1 and Quad E1 network interface and DSP from Natural MicroSystems (Network interface and DSP resource boards)
Platforms: PCI bus, H.100 bus
Price: Quad T1, $10,100; Quad E1, $11,100; Dual T1, $8,700; Dual E1,
Network interface and DSP resource boards for high-capacity voice, fax and call processing solutions. Each board supports four integrated digital trunk interfaces (T1 or E1), providing from 96 to 120 ports of advanced call processing in a single slot. They support the industry-standard PCI bus and a fully-compliant H.100 bus. This standards-based architecture gives full backward- and forward-compatibility.

Offer scalability and maximum processing efficiency for developers of large, high-performance telecommunications systems. Both support worldwide ISDN and digital CAS (channel associated signaling) protocols. Pptimized for switching-intensive applications, supporting 96 or 120 ports of call processing and 400 MIPS for up to 60 ports of intensive voice processing. Also available are AG Dual T1 and E1 providing two integrated digital network interfaces with voice processing on a single board, and the Quad Connect T1 and E1, a cost-effective switching platform, offering four integrated digital network interfaces to be used with DSP resources on other boards.

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