ProxyReporter version 3.0 from Wavecrest Computing, Inc. (Provides detailed group/department reporting of WWW usage.)
Platforms: Solaris, HP-UX, NT
Price: Contact Vendor for price
Department managers can automatically receive comprehensive, easy-to-read, detailed reports of their employee's Internet usage by group or department. Color-coded graphical reports can be requested one at a time, or on an automatic, scheduled basis.

ProxyReporter offers customers enhanced Web filtering capabilities to meet the specifications dictated by their corporate Internet security policy. With ProxyReporter organizations can report, with the option to block, access to more than 200,000 web, news, and ftp sites based on 29 different categories (i.e., entertainment, sports, culture, and sex).

ProxyReporter was designed to help organizations monitor user productivity, minimize legal liabilities, and create a more efficient networking environment. Internet activity can be monitored across the entire enterprise, site, or department.

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