ECXpert 1.1 from Netscape Communications Corporation (Internet Commerce Exchange software)
Platforms: Solaris
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Enables business- to-business transactions over the Internet and EDI networks. Builds on Netscape's recent acquisition of Actra and signals Netscape's strong commitment to being a leader in the electronic commerce applications market. The product is central to the Netscape CommerceXpert family of Internet commerce applications for cross-company supply chain integration.

ECXpert leverages the open standards of the Internet to help customers increase business transaction efficiencies and lower operational costs. Helps companies increase revenue by extending their business reach to include new trading partners while enhancing their companies' relationships with current customers. Netscape ECXpert's powerful connectivity leverages corporate investments by integrating existing enterprise requirement planning (ERP) and EDI systems across companies. It is a robust solution that hooks multiple back office systems together over the Internet for the exchange of purchase orders, invoices, forecasts and other business transactions.

New in Netscape ECXpert 1.1 is improved enterprise systems connectivity, achieved through certification with Oracle Packaged Applications for "out-of- the-box" systems integration. The new release also supports secure email with Netscape Communicator client software and makes it possible to extend Internet commerce to a broader range of partners including small and medium-sized companies. The developer toolkit in Netscape ECXpert lets companies create browser-accessible EDI forms for broad access to trading networks. Other improvements include Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory integration for Extranet partner management, support for industry-specific trading protocols for the automotive and petro-chemical markets, and performance and scalability improvements.

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