JSAFE 1.1 from RSA Data Security, Inc. (Encryption engine for Java)
Platforms: Java
Price: SDK price: $290
URL: http://www.rsa.com
JSAFE 1.1 encryption engine for Java delivers improved performance while preserving customers' investment in existing JSAFE 1.0 and BSAFE code. JSAFE is one of the first cryptographic engines and tools designed specifically for Java technology developers. The JSAFE security component suite provides developers with a state-of-the-art implementation of the most critical privacy, authentication, and data integrity routines written entirely in the Java language.

Java technology developers are able to build more secure applets that support public key cryptography, enabling both privacy and authentication, which are fundamental requirements for electronic commerce. The JSAFE 1.1 components also include source code for sample applications and easy-to-use self-test modules, offering security and shorter development periods for new Java technology projects.

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